GRG VTMs Successfully Entered Singapore Market

On 16 August 2016, Singapore’s first Video Teller Machine (VTM) pilot tested at a branch of POSB. It provides convenient and easy self-service financial user-experience for functions, such as Card Issuance, e-Banking Secure Token Device, Update Particulars, etc. After 5 months of pilot run, POSB officially launched GRG Banking VTMs in Singapore. They plan to install 9 units in 9 high-traffic branches for the second phase pilot run by the end of April.


Channel 8, the famous Chinese language TV channel in Singapore, released an interview regarding this story. It is a survey that was carried out on customers and bank officers to evaluate customer satisfaction with the VTMs. In this video, many customers and bank managers gave very good comments on the VTM implementation.


“Super! Efficient and fast. No need to queue, card was printed within 5 minutes. Thumbs up!” said a customer.

“The VTM machine is very simple, easy to use and user friendly.” said another customer.


“VTM is very convenient, very good. I found it easy to transfer money. If you are not sure how to use it, you just need to activate the remote live human teller” said an elderly customer.


“So far, all feedbacks from customers are positive. Most customers speak highly of the service and the appearance of the VTMs.” said Susan Zhang, Managing Director & Head of Distribution Consumer Business Group of POSB, “VTM provides customers unparalleled service experience and private space. It provides a new way of banking service and will definitely have positive effects to banks and improve customer satisfaction.”