How GRGBanking enter Russian ATM’s Market

Russia, the severely-competitive market for ATM manufacturers, with 3 mature brands being leading and stable there for 15 years, seemed to be an “impossible mission” to conquer for GRGBanking till 2015.

In the year of 2015, Mikhail Fateev, a Russian professional manager with rich experience in marketing, joined GRGBanking and worked as the country manager of Russia. With excellent speed, he started the Russian office for GRGBaning by recruiting a professional team locally; and it is the very team, that takes brilliant achievement in local market with very short time. 


Mikhail Fateev (right first), hardware engineer Denis(right second), sale assistant Olga(left second). This is a group photo with GRGBanking’s sales in Ukraine in an exhibition.

The beginning of their local exploring was quite difficult, even though there are over 600 banks in this country. The financial crisis gave hard times to the banks, and the banks gave unclear procurement plans to ATM manufacturers. To get out the dilemma, GRGBanking made a thorough and deep survey to all the banks and decided to prospect for one key customer for the mass debut of GRG’s cutting-edge products. 

“Finally, we decide to choose Russian Post Bank as GRGBanking’s first ATM customer in Russia, showing GRGBanking’s superior quality.” Mikhail Fateev’s team launched two GRGBanking’s recyclers H68NL in Russia Post Bank for pilot run.


Russian Post Bank Branch

After 3-month trials, Russia Post Bank gave the feedback of “0 failure rate” of GRGBanking’s products. Because of this successful launch, Russian customers began to recognize GRGBanking’s product qualities. With this good start, GRGBanking successfully built cooperation with 7 Russian banks, which established a solid foundation for further development in Russia.

In March 2016, vice president of Russian Post Bank visited GRGBanking’s industrial park and gave an appraisal of “thoroughly overhauled understanding towards Chinese brands”.


The top executives of Russian Post Bank visited GRGBanking


In GRGBanking’s user experience center, visitors from Russian Post Bank is experiencing VTM.

In September 2016, GRGBanking defeated several international giants and successfully won a tender of 100 recyclers. 

In November 2016, top executives of Russian Post Bank revisited GRGBanking and gave a highly confirmation of mutual cooperation. Whatever regards to product qualities or service systems, GRGBanking’s international strengths have been proven. At the end of November, a tender of 300 recyclers from Russian Post bank was gained by GRGBanking once more.

“Project on Russian Post Bank is just a touchstone.” Mikhail Fateev said, “We will keep going to develop and make GRGBanking much stronger in Russia”.

GRGBanking’s globalization is operated by localized ideas. For instance, breakthrough in Russian market begins with local team building. As a result, we should promote localization globally.” Mr.Mark Yip, GRGBanking;s general manager said to us firmly.


Globalized thoughts, localized operation

Nowadays, GRGBanking has established strong international marketing system. There are offices and subsidiaries in Europe, Southeast Asia, the Americas, the Middle East, and Africa, aiming at setting up improved spare parts globally and strong service network. These overseas team follow the strategy of “localized operation” to local market.

“Stronger localization is the foundation to be advanced globally,” said Mark Yip, “we will continue to strengthen production, research, service and management all over the world. Furthermore, we will positively develop and extend to new business worldwide, building global brand ”.