GRG's Algorithm Breakthrough Opens Bangladesh Cash Recycler Market

On 30th January, 2017, the first ever Cash Recycling ATM in Bangladesh was launched by United Commercial Bank Ltd. (UCB). This first ever Cash Recycling ATM is supplied by GRGBanking.


A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held by Mr.M A SABUR, the Chairman of UCB, to celebrate the on-line launching of this Cash Recycler. There were numbers of top decision makers from UCB and other senior executives attending the ceremony including Managing Director and Additional Managing Director, who witnessed the launching of GRG’s machine in "UCB Express" - UCB's brandnew one-stop solution center.




The Cash Recycler, H68N series are cutting-edge cash recyclers, which shift heavy counter transactions to self-service and reduce cash replenishment frequency. With high capacity, Serial Number Tracking technology, optional biometric authentication and coin dispensing features, they are capable of supporting big volume transactions, delivering advanced and reliable service to customers, and extending banking channel and value-added service for different scenarios. UCB chose cash recycling technology, with aims to lower operational cost, reduce teller workload, develop new services and play a leading role in the automatic network of the country in the future.


This was exactly an impressive success of international cooperation.” said Mr, Bruce Xi, Sales Account Manager of GRGBanking. “The development of the Bangladesh Taka algorithm is a very big challenge for all ATM vendors. Thanks to the strong R&D capacity and product’s excellent performance, GRGBanking Cash Recyclers have passed the testing of the Bangladesh Central Bank in two months ago and won this tender. Till now, the other vendors were still struggling in the development of algorithm while GRG Banking succeeded. This also marks the unparalleled strength of GRG Banking and certainly will help expanding GRG’s market share in Bangladesh.”

Carrying this industrial breakthrough, GRG helps UCB to manage heavy cash transaction at its extreme branch network, and bring to a new option for Bangladesh upcoming branch transformation procedure in local banking industry. GRGBanking, the leading providers of currency recognition and cash processing solutions in the global market, is an ideal partner you can always rely on.