Hemaia Group, in cooperation with GRGBanking, China launched the first Intellige


In 2016, Hemaia Group, in cooperation with GRGBanking, China launched the first Intelligent Cash Processing Line (ICPL) with Al Rajhi Bank Cash Center located in Abha, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is the first cash processing and cash sorting solution of its kind in the Middle East duly approved by Al Rajhi Bank and Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA).


The ICPL was designed and manufactured by GRGBanking, a company based in Guangzhou, China. ICPL was designed with the concept of limiting the number of manual handling and sorting cash in cash processing centers. The sorted cash is automatically strapped, stacked, and bundled with plastic shrink wrapper with very limited human intervention. The manpower involved is reduced to bare minimum or 70% less compared with the old sorting solution. Hence, the sorting process is improved drastically, eliminating human error and count per batch and bundle is accurate at 100%.


Serial number of each cash processed in the ICPL is monitored and recorded in the machine database and sent to the Bank Head Office end of each day for recording. Any questionable serial number can be easily retrieved from the records whenever required. In addition, each strap of 100 notes and bundle of 10 straps are marked with a barcode and are also recorded in the database. The records include among others the source of the cash being processed, the date and time of processing, and the ICPL operator doing the processing. In summary, all sorting processes are closely monitored from the time the cash is received up to the time the cash is again released to SAMA, ATM’s or the bank branches.


It took almost 18 months of joint effort among Al Rajhi, Hemaia, and GRG to develop and test such a highly sophisticated and high-tech cash processing solution for cash centers.


The cooperation of Hemaia Group and GRGBanking is tantamount to a better and first class service to the GCC customers, most importantly the banking sector. Hemaia has been in the forefront of Cash in Transit and a solution provider in the banking sector in the Kingdom for the past 20+ years.


ICPL is another innovative product from Hemaia to the banking sector in Saudi, after successful implementation of more than 500 units of “Intelligent Cash Deposit Machines”, P-Series, manufactured by GRG Banking to major retailers Kingdom wide and after introduction of “Branch in-a Box” concept the VTM undergoing currently in pilot phase.


GRGBanking on the other hand has been in the forefront in the design and manufacture of banking machines and banking cash flow software solutions. Aside from ICPL. GRGBanking has been designing and manufacturing ATM’s, Deposit Machines, counting machines, and other sorter.