Kuveyt Türk to Roll Out the Largest VTM Network in Europe with GRG VTM I60


Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank, one of the technology-leading banks in Turkey, has signed contract to purchase 150 units of Video Teller Machines (VTM) from GRGBanking, whom is estimated as dominating over 50% of the VTM market in China.


The VTM network of the bank, including 26 units of the similar model previously supplied by GRGBanking, is expected to be the largest one in Europe in 2015.


The customized VTM, or called the XTM (Extreme Teller Machine) by the bank, is based on GRGBanking’s VTM I60. Deployed in the bank’s digital branches, the machines not only incorporate features available via an ATM, but also offers the ability to conduct a video chat with a live agent and transact other business outside the normal range of ATM’s functionalities.


The XTM is “a very customized product, with an ergonomic outlook and user-friendly interface”, to “meet the bank's [need for] higher work efficiency, more effective competition, lower operational cost and most importantly, much better customer experience”, said Mustafa Dereci, Retail and Small Business & Product Development Group Manager of the bank.


According to GRGBanking, VTM I60 is a pioneering banking channel solution that leverages video conferencing technology to integrate the merits of self-service and counter service, providing full range banking experience with smaller footprint. With its versatile modular design, VTM enables migration of complex counter services and customized financial consulting services to the self-service terminal. Over 95% of counter services are available on VTM I60, thus it can be utilized for branch transformation or teller-less branch, allowing customers to do almost all of their banking business via real-time video interaction and guidance of remote teller.


Besides coin processing module that supports 8 denominations and card printing module, GRG R&D Institute has added a lot of customized designs to the XTM project with deep research on local user behaviors beforehand. The new designs includes touch screen of ergonomic inclination angle, double-side document printing, scratch-proof signing board, etc. Lola Chen, Product Director from GRG R&D Institute of GRGBanking, said: “We hope that the supreme design on such a big project can exceed customers’ expectations.”


Talking of the first co-operation of the XTM project since 3 years ago, Dereci said GRG is the only vendor in the market which can meet the bank’s expectation, with “the ability to adapt to the customers’ needs without sacrificing the quality of the products”.


About Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank

Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank has, since its foundation, adopted as its principles to be painstaking in interest-free banking system, research in the field of investment, offer modern, stable, reliable, high-quality and quick service to savings holders and businessmen, and provide its staff with ongoing training for the purpose of increasing their productivity. The bank is proud of being capable of bringing quick and high-quality service to savings holders and investors through its branches and correspondents at home and abroad by means of any and all the state-of-the-art technological means.


About GRGBanking

GRGBanking is a leading provider of currency recognition and cash processing solutions in the global market with great potential and rapid development. GRG specializes in the development/ manufacturing of Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) for financial institutions and retailers, Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) devices for railway or underground systems, as well as other currency recognition and cash processing equipment, modules and systems for over 20 years. Besides, GRG’s various Multi-Channel Software Solutions and Services cover the needs of the financial industry, retail, transportation, payment, self-service, cash automation, cash management outsourcing and managed services, customized for different customers around the world.


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