Two Vietnam Banks Shared ATM Network with GRG Total Solution

Two major Vietnamese Commercial Banks, Eastern Asia Commercial Bank (EAB) and Saigon Bank for Industry and Trade (Saigon Bank), held contract-signing ceremony for the launching of their ATM/POS-VNBC Unicard sharing system on January 28th 2005 at Sofitel Hotel. Delegates from the state bank of Vietnam, other Vietnam banks, VISA, MasterCard, Iflex as well as GRG attended this ceremony.

The self-service system of both banks are provided by GRG Banking with its ATM total solution, including GRG DT series ATM, FEEL (ATM switching system) and VIEW (ATM monitoring system). There has been more than 100 ATMs in the VNBC sharing system, which are all supplied by GRG Banking. After the successful launching of the VNBC system, clients from both banks holding Dong A Unicard of EAB or Saigonbank’s card can now not only access the ATMs from both banks to perform their transactions, but also perform teller transactions at either bank nationwide. This will bring convenience to their clients and definitely attract more clients.

During the contract-signing ceremony, Mr. Tran Phuong Binh, the president of EAB, expressed his appreciation to GRG Banking and its local partner Transactional Technology Inc. (TTI) for their excellent products and strong support. He also disclosed that EAB is proceeding to connect five other commercial joint-stock banks which will probably choose GRG total solution, to the VNBC system.

Mr. Mark Yip, the deputy general manager of GRG Banking, addressed the ceremony and expressed his confidence in the prospect of VNBC and GRG’s commitment to contribute to the Vietnam banking industry.