GRG Shows Cash Recycling on 2nd Int’l Banking Expo


GRGBanking attended the 2nd International Banking Conference & Exhibition on June 3-7 in Kyiv, Ukraine. On the event GRG showcased its advanced technology of Cash Recycler H68N Series and Video Teller Machine, both of which are new to the local market. The event was organized by “CIS bankers”.


244 delegates from 22 countries came together to watch presentations from leading bankers of the CIS countries and other industry thought leaders and share experience and views on the current state and future development of their banking sectors.


Pranas Griskevicius, Regional Sales Director of Europe, together with Alexander Gritsuk, Sales Representative in Ukraine, presented on behalf of GRGBanking in this event. Griskevicius also discussed the concept of the future of banking branch on the Conference.


The H68N series are cutting-edge cash recyclers, which shift heavy counter transactions and frequent cash replenishment to self-service and self-replenishment zone. With high capacity, Serial Number Tracking technology, biometric authentication and coin dispensing features, they are capable of supporting big volume transactions, delivering advanced and reliable service to customers, and extending banking channel and value-added service for different scenarios.


“CIS bankers” brings together banking professionals from 12 countries of the Commonwealth of the Independent States. The organization provides a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge, experiences, views and ideas with bankers from all over the CIS region.


About GRGBanking

GRGBanking is a leading provider of currency recognition and cash processing solutions in the global market with great potential and rapid development. GRG specialize in the development/ manufacturing of Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) for financial institutions and retailers, Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) devices for railway or underground systems, as well as other currency recognition and cash processing equipment, modules and systems for over 20 years. Besides, GRG’s various Multi-Channel Software Solutions and Services cover the needs of the financial industry, retail, transportation, payment, self-service, cash automation, cash management outsourcing and managed services, customized for different customers around the world.


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