GRG Hosts GCE Seminar on Global Experience, Local Wisdom

The 7th GRG Global Customer Exchange was held in Guangzhou, on September 24th to 25th, 2012. GCE 2012 features the theme ”Global Experience, Local Wisdom”, providing a professional know-how exchange and a valuable social network platform with industry leaders.


Over 120 decision makers from financial institutions, CIT companies, retailers, as well as experts from retail banking and cash management areas attended the event. In the seminar section, 8 professionals from the industry and GRGBanking presented their insights about the most representative topics and latest trends to the guests.

Kevin Luo, Project Director (Europe & Turkey) from GRGBanking, demonstrated the example of Video Teller Machine (VTM) as the future of bank. VTM, with both the high convenience of ATM and high transaction complexity of branch, as he said, is "a revolutionary restructuring of bank branch, a best solution to get close to your customer in time, in place and in heart and a most efficient and cost-effective approach to extend banking network". Luo then introduced a case study of VTM applied in the Turkish banking industry, as an example to explain how it brings better service and more revenue with less cost for the banks.


Another example involved by GRG is the story of first ATM return to Myanmar and the construction of the country’s first national switch system – Myanmar Payment Union (MPU). Launched on September 14, MPU provides and serves the Nation-wide Payment and ATM Network and focus on customer satisfaction, reliability and security, advanced technology and innovation. Self service banking, initiated by the first re-introduced ATM by Co-operative Bank in Myanmar, will become an important channel to bring about flexible products and services to local people, such as currency exchange on ATM by Myanmar Foreign Trade Bank.

As the only co-speech in the seminar, Currency Cash Chain Management and Optimization Using Artificial Business Intelligence was delivered by FOBISS and GRGBanking Vietnam Office. Speakers pointed out that, ATM and branch cash management servicing is mostly done not in a proper way, so as the result it contains high dormant cash levels and significant expenses for the CIT services. The case study of a bank in Vietnam showed that through the use of artificial business intelligence engines forecasting and optimization of cash management, cash management software ensures that the costs for the Bank can be reduced up to 40-50% from existing cash handling costs.

Other topics included: the ink technology which is able to take away the incentive of criminals to secure cash handling and cash logistics, to be introduced to the market for fighting against the global cash security challenge; ATM management solution based on cloud computing, and also the app for the mobile phones that can simplify online interaction with bank accounts in addition to intelligent scanning of barcodes and QRCodes; a messaging system among smart ATMs, banks back-office and third parties, which supports smart services as bill payments, currency exchange and other common types.

News Media Contact: Benny Huang

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