GRG Banking’s DAPS-FEEL Switching System Penetrates Overseas Market

GRG Banking DAPS-FEEL switching system penetrates the overseas market. Customers from Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan,as well as other Middle East and African countries expressed great interests upon the system.

DAPS-FEEL (DT-ATM Pre-console System, Financial Equipment Extensible Link) is the latest generation of switching system developed independently by GRG Banking R&D Center in year 2002. As the leading innovator for banking equipment system, GRG Banking fully understands the bankers’ demand. The ultimate outcome of DAPS-FEEL is a solution customized to market demand, and has been recognized with great satisfaction by bank users.

DAPS-FEEL system has been approved by CEPREI, and has been registered as the certified software products among China National Information Industrial Ministry. It can respectively or synthetically apply to the third-party’s vendor service system, ATM switching (pre-console) system, ATM monitoring system, POS switching (pre-console) system, banks conjunction switching (pre-console) system and card issuing and management system. It supports dynamic extension for services, as well as various types of message analysis and transform. Moreover, it supports complex routing, such as sending card information and transaction message to the appointed host through switching and feeding back relevant response to the application terminal. DAPS-FEEL can carry out overall parameter configuration and management by providing overall function management system. It also provides the function as generation of comprehensive statistic (Stat.) report. The generated reporting form can be customized and configured, so as to rapidly afford comprehensive Stat. data according to bankers’ actual demand. This enables the bank users a powerful means for both data analysis and decision-making.