GRGBanking and ASDIS Solutions Establish Cooperation

GRGBanking and ASDIS Solutions, two leading solution providers in banking sector setup cooperation. ASDIS will support GRG’s full range of products and provide its large functionality to potential customers.

The ASDIS ATM/Kiosk Management software allows fully automating software and data management for ATMs and Kiosk terminals. Manual errors are eliminated and high availability and thus smooth operation is ensured. XFS and other additional interfaces facilitate the integration of a variety of devices in the overall management process.

With additional services such as extensive monitoring, cost-saving preventative remote maintenance and central configuration management, ASDIS offers intelligent solutions for the comprehensive management of automatic machines such as ATMs and Kiosk terminals. ASDIS meets the security require­ments of high-security environments.

“This enables us to provide 100% functionality on GRG hardware“, said Klauspeter Huebner, Head of Professional Services of ASDIS Solutions. With this step, ASDIS explicitly supports GRG and their reliable products.

Hendrik Eckholt, Regional Sales Manager and Project Manager of GRGBanking, said that the cooperation would underline GRG’s European market entry and GRG’s establishment there. “Flexibility and customizations are our key strengths compared to the established vendors in the market.”

About GRGBanking

GRGBanking is a leading provider of currency recognition and cash processing solutions in the global market with great potential and rapid development. GRG specializes in the development & manufacturing of Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) for financial institutions and retailers, Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) devices for railway or underground systems, as well as other currency recognition and cash processing equipment, modules and systems for over 20 years. Meanwhile, GRG’s various software solutions and comprehensive services are widely used in both financial and non-financial industries, such as retail, cash-in-transit, parking, postal, telecom, etc.

About ASDIS Solutions

ASDIS Solutions GmbH offers solutions for the efficient management of IT infrastructures in complex IT environments. ASDIS is the market leader in the German ATM market with a market share of 28% (Retail Banking Research report “ATMs and Cash Dispensers Western Europe 2008” - ASDIS is the most popular off-the-shelf product used for remote soft­ware distribution).

The company has over 20 years of experience developing high-quality software management solutions and boasts Fortune 1000 companies among its long-standing customers (e.g. UBS, ING DiBa, Reisebank, Sparda DV), which is a testimonial to the reliability and efficiency of ASDIS Solutions.

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