GRG Automatic Fare Collection Products to Install in Venezuela

Recently GRGBanking will deliver Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) Products to Caracas, Venezuela. The products for export, including Automatic Gate Machine and Add Value Machine, will be used in the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project in Caracas.

The BRT project in Caracas will be at service before the Presidential Election in October 2012. 13 stations of Phase 1 of the project will be equipped with GRG AFC products for passengers.

The production of AFC products have been completed for shipment, and passed the check and acceptance of expert delegation headed by Ministry of Transportation and Communications.

Bus rapid transit (BRT) is a term applied to a variety of public transportation systems using buses to provide faster, more efficient service than an ordinary bus line. Often this is achieved by making improvements to existing infrastructure, vehicles and scheduling. The goal of these systems is to approach the service quality of rail transit while still enjoying the cost savings and flexibility of bus transit.

An Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) system is the collection of components that automate the ticketing system of a public transportation network - an Automatic version of manual fare collection. An AFC system is usually the basis for integrated ticketing.

The solution includes TVM, AVM, TCM, BOM, Gate and AFC software. Today, GRG AFC solution has been successfully applied in various cities of China in Guangzhou, Beijing, Nanjing, and Shenzhen.

GRGBanking is a leading provider of currency recognition and cash processing solutions in the global market with great potential and rapid development. GRG specialize in the development/ manufacturing of Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) for financial institutions and retailers, Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) devices for railway or underground systems, as well as other currency recognition and cash processing equipment, modules and systems for over 20 years. Besides, GRG various Multi-Channel Software Solutions and Services cover the needs of the financial industry, retail, transportation, payment, self-service, cash automation, cash management outsourcing and managed services, customized for different customers around the world.

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