GRG Reports the First-Quarter 2008 Results

GUANGZHOU, China—GRG Banking Equipment Co. Ltd. (GRG) reported operating revenue of 257,172,769.89¥for the first quarter in 2008, an increase of 55.04 percent compared to last year .The company has experienced a rapid and healthy growth and is sustaining its momentum.
GRG’s net income in the first quarter is 83,082,357.97¥,an increase of 29.67 percent as compared to 64,073,412.41¥,for the first quarter last year . 

It is known that till now there are 170 companies have released their first quarter results in China. Among them 158 companies have made profits and GRG’s earning per share is 0.58¥ which is said to be the highest in small and medium sized enterprises sector. In the past time, GRG has emerged satisfactory momentum due to the fast development of Chinese ATM industry. At present, GRG is seeking for internationalizing improvement and continues to enhance its competitiveness.