1200th GRG ATM to Put Online in Turkey

The 1200th GRG ATM in Turkey will be put online for Ziraat Bank in January 2012, by Altus, GRG’s local partner in service. The bank expects to complete the installation of some 1500 GRG ATMs by February 2012.

T.C. Ziraat Bank is the biggest state owned bank of Turkey in terms of network, customer base, assets and profitability.

The chosen model of the contract is cash recycling ATM H68N, or H68NL, the lobby one. As a self-service cash machine to provide withdrawal, deposit, currency exchange, bill payment, coin exchange and other services, it uses cash recycling technology, which is still uncommon in Turkey.

H68N authenticates banknotes of multiple currencies and denominations both in deposit and dispensing process. The instant use of the deposited notes for dispensing reduces the money held in ATM to minimum which improves cash usage and drives down operational costs by reducing the frequency for cash replenishment.

The bank is using GRG FEEL View Professional Edition to monitor and manage those GRG ATMs. FEEL View Professional Edition is a system for both Multi-Vendor ATM monitoring which is able to support the latest Cash Recyclers and the comprehensive back-office management. The latest version is now successfully support Turkish language on its user interface.

According to David Zhong, Director of Solution Sales Dept from GRGBanking, the bank said they were very satisfied with the new hierarchical GUI and the pre-integrated management process inside FEEL View Professional Edition and that’s why they plan to popularize it to other operating and management departments and also its subsidiaries company as well.

David Zhong also said, as utilizing the newest Professional Edition, FEEL View can be extended to all-around back-office management procedures ranging from asset management, branch offices, to field services, repairing service, CIT and help desk. It also provides knowledge base management, which is able to our professional experience in ATM maintenance in a collaborative way.

The bank also shows strong interest to learn more about F@ST Abacus, the latest ATM location analytic and management software. Another Turkish bank is piloting this software solution to manage and improve its off-site ATM location selection process.

News Media Contact: Benny Huang

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