GRGBanking First User Conference Held in Middle East

During break time between speeches, the model of new generation cash recycler H68NL and low cost cash dispenser E300L were surrounded by guests

Dr. Eduardas Vaigauskas - General Manager of GRGHK (Second Left)

GRGBanking First User Conference in Middle East was successfully held on December 19th, 2011. The event was organized jointly by GRGHK, the subsidiary of GRGBanking and one of its local partners.

About 140 guests from banks and financial institutions participated in the conference. The company showcased its latest technology supporting ATM operation including cassette swapping solution, ATM locator and cash analyzer & forecasting. The conference topics include voice guidance ATM, ATM security solution, etc. Yasmine Hoo, the country manager of GRGHK, said the conference "provides an excellent platform for networking between GRG and our local banking customers, enhancing the image of GRG's brand as well as the best quality product and service in a market for the better development in the future".

With the increasing focus on ATM for the visually impaired, the application of Voice guidance ATM was highlighted. On the conference some local banks had demanded the implementation of voice guidance ATM project for ATMC/host support in addition to hardware support for voice guidance anticipated.

Kevin Luo, Director of Business Development Dept and Sam Huang, Deputy Director of Global Technical Support Center of GRGHK introduced in the conference how GRG recycler ATM (H68N/L) overtook strong competitors and won the biggest tender in Europe. Guests were attracted by cash recyclers on the features that they can extend working cash lifecycle and save cash management cost. GRG’s research also shows that local banks have a more tendency to deploy ATM with small footprint, such as model like H68NL and H22NL. “Cash recycling machine will be the trend of next five years in Middle East market, just like what’s happening in Turkey”, said Yasmine Hoo.

According to the speeches on the event, several local banks are ready to deploy H68NL and bulk cash deposit machine P2801L, as well as to test the multi-vendor ATM monitoring and comprehensive management system FEEL View and FEEL Distribution.

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