GRGBanking Launched iPhone App “ATM Finder”

Download “ATM Finder”:

Looking for somewhere to withdraw money? Looking for banks nearby? With the expanding of banking service and the increasing usage of self-service equipments, ATM and bank branch now become one of the regular places to visit in people’s daily life. But where to find the nearest ATMs or banks, especially in an unfamiliar environment, becomes a bothering issue. In respond to that, GRGBanking, the world’s leading provider of currency recognition and cash processing solutions, recently launched its first iPhone application “ATM Finder”. Simply by using your iPhone, you can easily search and locate ATM and bank branch.

ATM Finder supports “Search ATMs” and “Search Bank branch”, to enable users to search different branches and ATMs located in restaurants, shopping malls, airports and so on. Information such as work hours, contacts and amount of handling charges are also available in the app. Not only you can search for local ATMs and its network information, but also conduct your search by a specific bank’s name or a specific location. The searching result will be shown on a list, ranked according to the distance between users and ATMs/Branch, and then its navigation system will guide you there. Besides, ATM Finder provides user with cartoon security tips in a very interesting and easy way to understand.

According to GRG’s R&D engineer, there are some similar applications in the market, but most of them are designed by individuals, others like map/navigation applications may support ATM search as well, but lack accuracy and regular update. And the increasing presence of “phishing scam” website also brings safety problems to banking financial services. ATM Finder was developed base on GRG’s rich developing experience and the mutual trust and sound cooperative relationship between GRG and other banks to ensure ATM Finder’s accuracy, updating and security.

A number of iPhone users downloaded the app and commented “accurate search”, “good user interface” and “interesting security tips, very considerate”.

GRG’s R&D engineer said, GRGBanking will continuously expand their cooperative relationship with banks and keep perfecting ATM Finder, to make it more compatible for different mainstream smart phone operation systems and different languages.