GRGBanking Attended “Cash Circulation + Self-service. Banking and Retail” 2011 F

The 3rd International Forum, 2011 “Cash Circulation + Self-service. Banking and Retail” was held in the Forum Hall in Moscow, Russia on October 17-18, 2011. GRGBanking and their local partner IT SERVICE Retail&Banking (ITS) presented their cash management solutions, to improve the cash processing efficiency.

The most interesting for visitors of the booth were the function of serial number recognition of banknotes and the cassette swapping solution between the cash recycler H68NL and the automated deposit machine P2801 both produced by GRGBanking. Solutions of GRGBanking are proven to effectively improve the quality of customer service, automating payment transactions and internal workflow, reducing cash handling costs and decreasing risks. Customers also showed interest on cash dispenser and cash recycler as well as cash processing solutions presented by GRGBanking.

On the forum, presentations were made by speakers about urgent issues in the field of cash handling, banking self-servicing, cash-recycling, optimizing of the self-service banking and new technologies of cash-collection.

Dr. Eduardas Vaigauskas, General Manager of GRGBanking, was also invited to give a speech about F@ST Abacus, an intelligent ATM location selection and analytic management platform, which was highly appreciated by the audience. F@ST Abacus provides standardized investigation methods and scientific evaluation rules to help the banks or IAOs to make the right decision in selecting the locations and keep track of the on-site investigation team performance.

General Director of ITS, Mr. Michael Mostovoy held a presentation “IT SERVICE Retail&Banking cash management implemented solutions” in the “Cash-recycling. Self-service banking optimization” session. Mostovoy reported on the cash recycling projects based on the cash recycler H68NL, implemented in the Russian Standard Bank, one of the leading consumer lenders in Russia, and in the Russian Post, about the introduction of cash management solutions based on the automated deposit machines in METRO Cash & Carry stores.

Within two days the event was attended by 751 representatives of many institutions from Russia, the CIS member states and other countries. Organizer of the forum “Cash Circulation + Self-service. Banking and Retail” is a specialized retail financial business magazine PLUS. Devoted to the issue of increasing efficiency, security and attraction of clients in the field of self-service banking, the Forum has been held in Moscow since 2009. Its members are the national regulators of the CIS countries, leading experts in the field of self-service banking, representatives of Russian and foreign banks, vendors of equipment and solutions, integrators.