GRG Global Customer Exchange 2011: “We Move Faster”

Sep. 5 to 7, 2011, the 6th GRG Global Customer Exchange is held in Science City, Guangzhou. More than 140 customers and partners worldwide attend the event. The most cutting-edge issues are discussed and the latest technology, product and solution of GRGBanking are introduced. Transforming from a sole ATM manufacturer to a cash management solution provider, the company releases a brand new slogan "We Move Faster".

The focal point of GRG Global Customer Exchange this year is the Customer Conference on Sep. 7. On the Conference, the multi ATM software and comprehensive solution is regarded as the future development of cash circulation and processing. David Zhong, manager of Software Solution Dept from GRGBanking, introduces the intelligence, smartness, security and high value of software solutions from GRG. Among them, FEEL View ATM monitoring system and P2801L high speed cash deposit solution are the most innovative solutions ready for banking and other financial-related industries like retail, electric, petroleum, telecom.

P2801L is now widely used in South Africa, Russia, Taiwan and Mainland China. It can be connected with recycling ATM H68NL seamlessly to achieve the "Cassettes Swapping" solution. The solution, one of GRG's future approaches on cash management, is a streamlined process chain integrating retailers, banks and CITs.

Besides innovative solutions, GRGBanking renews its slogan as "We Move Faster". As Managing Director Mark Yip says, GRGBanking was not a famous company when it started the ATM business, but now it is a leading currency recognition and cash processing solutions provider in the global market, in a high speed to catch up with those top ones. Most of the customers agree that the new slogan and the Cheetah image in the new corporate commercial give them a great impression.

Customers visiting showroom of GRGBanking, Science City, Guangzhou.

Customers asking questions to speaker on the Conference, Science City, Guangzhou.

Halil I. Agan, IT Manager (left) and Kerim Arican, Project Manager (right) from Fintek/Ziraat Bank receiving interview.