GRG renews “Level-I Computer Information System Integration Qualification“

In July, GRGBanking passed Computer Information System Integration Qualification Assessment and renewed license of “Level-I Computer Information System Integration Qualification“(Level-I Qualification), which is issued by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China government.

Computer Information System Integration Qualification Assessment is currently the most authoritative one in the field of information technology, with a strict quantitative standard. “Level-I Qualification” is the highest one of Computer Information System Integration Qualification. GRGBanking obtained the original license of “Level-I Qualification” in 2008. It qualifies the company to undertake major projects of computer information system integration which are invested by the government.

However the renewing of the license is not easier than the first acquisition of that, since the quota is limited. For last 3 years the company has developed a number of advanced integrated system and series of hardware and software product of independent intellectual property rights. During the assessment, the government authorities fully recognize and expert judges appraise highly on overall strength of the company.

GRGBanking invests around 6% of annual revenue in R&D to be the innovation driver of the market. With R&D centers in Beijing and Guangzhou, the company owns 30 more key software independent intellectual property rights and 200 more hardware invention patents. The GRG Research Institute in Guangzhou occupies about 4,000 square meters and over 20 laboratories. It is recognized as a state- level financial high-tech center with profound influence.