METRO Cash & Carry implements an innovative GRG cash management solution

METRO Cash & Carry concluded the sales contract with IT SERVICE Retail&Banking- the exclusive sale partner of GRGBanking in Russia, for providing an integrated solution based on GRG P2801L (cash deposit machines) after it analyzed the results of pilot project.


The current cash management approach in use in METRO is the typical one for retail companies today. The whole process is very complex and time consuming. In order to reduce costs, increase customer service and maximize security, METRO Cash & Carry Russia recently started a pilot project to introduce a new cash processing solution developed by GRGBanking and ITS specifically for shopping centers. The new technology based on GRG P2801L had been tested and fine-tuned during 7 months of the trial operation in METRO Cash & Carry Moscow trade center. GRG AutoDepot P2801L is an intelligent cash deposit machine that can automate the cash deposit transaction by counting, identification, sorting and saving independently.


As a result of the pilot, the implemented technology has been voted to be efficient and METRO Cash & Carry has made decision to extent it to the whole chain of its trade centers. The implementation of the solution on cash circulation automation is expected to significantly reduce costs of cash handling, to automate files circulation and to reduce costs of cash collection. 

About GRGBanking:

Established in 1999, GRGBanking now is a leading currency recognition and cash processing solution provider in China and the global market. We are No. 1 ATM supplier in China and top 10 in the global market, with more than 66,000 ATMs being sold worldwide, and serving customers in over 60 countries and regions


IT SERVICE Retail&Banking Company (ITS) which is the exclusive sale partner of GRG Banking in Russia, develops and implements the integrated solutions for banking sector, CIT companies, retail and postal spheres, airlines and oil and gas companies.