GRGBanking Shines at China ATMs 2011 Conference

The China ATMs 2011 Conference & Expo, jointly produced by ATMIA and RBR, was held at InterContinental Hotel Financial Street, Beijing on 14th and 15th 2011.


During the 2 days conference, 28 speakers have delivered speeches on various topics including case studies and industrial information exchange by banks, IADs, solution providers and networks from across the Asia-Pacific region. Mr. Song Rui Senior Manager, of the IT Department, Bank of China (China) and Panfeng Luo, Assistant to General Manager from GRG Banking (China) gave a joint speech on ATM Security Analysis and Defense.


In the exhibition area, GRGs recycler H68NL attracted visitors because of it`s OCR technology and excellent deposit/withdrawal performance. GRGs high speed deposit machine P2801L made a big noise as it is rare and providing advanced functions For example the also included  OCR image tracking technology. Moreover, along with the introduction of “cassettes swapping management replaces cash management”, GRG presented various application modes and cases of this concept in the market.


The participants highly appreciated GRG’s showcase and presentations. “It is remarkable and informative.” one of them said after visited GRG’ booth. 


This year Around 200 visitors have attended the exhibition. According to the organizer, it is the only dedicated ATM conference in China-the world’s fastest growing ATM market, and has become an important gathering for senior decision makers and key players of ATM industry.


About GRGBanking:


Established in 1999, GRGBanking now is a leading currency recognition and cash processing solution provider in China and the global market. We are No. 1 ATM supplier in China and top 10 in the global market, with more than 66,000 ATMs being sold worldwide, and serving customers in over 60 countries and regions.