GRGBanking Vietnam Day – A step into a new era for Vietnamese Banking

GRG Banking Vietnam Day was held at the beautiful Saigon Opera House in Ho Chi Minh City, on 13th of May, 2011.

During the one day event, 7 speakers from 6 nations delivered speeches on various topics including case studies and industrial information. The plenum consisted of Vietnamese banks, CIT companies and of course the media. Dr. Eduarduas Vaigauskas General Manager of GRG Banking HK and Mr. Gary Soon (Regional Director Asia Pacific of GRG Banking HK ) introduced the event and its main goal: To give the Vietnamese banking industry up to date insights into the hot topics of today`s banking world.

The presentation gave high level insights answering to questions like: How to manage a whole AMT network profitable? How can banks improve their overall security level from the hardware and the software side? How will mobile banking influence the future of the banking channels and how can it be integrated into today’s systems.

GRG Banking was very happy to present industry experts like Tim Charlton the Editor in Chief of Asian Banking and Finance Magazine as guest speaker. Mr. Charlton presented a survey exclusively prepared for this event. He gave an overview about what CIO of other Asian Banks are considering the most important challenges and tasks for the future. To many of the problems presented by Mr. Charlton, GRG Banking could give answers how to cope with these questions in the future. Especially the presentations about recycling technology and GRG Banking`s wide solution portfolio gained a lot of interests.

One of the key success of the GRG Banking Vietnam Day was the impressive participation of the participants. After every presentation many questions were discussed and a lot professional insights from the participants were given.

The feedback of the attendees gives GRG Banking great confidence to establish this event on a regular Basis. One feedback for example was: ‘Thank you very much for your impressive and informative presentations at the seminar of GRGBanking Vietnam day on last Friday, May 20th 2011. …. Furthermore, the professional way GRG has organized the event is also a great experience for me!’

Dr. Eduardus Vaigauskas said: On behalf GRG Banking, it is my sincere wish that this seminar does not prove to be a one-time exercise, and I hope that it will make a substantial contribution to finding the best practical ways and trigger discussion how the Vietnamese banking market will look in the future.