GRG signs 35 million USD contract with Ziraat Bank

Recently, GRGBanking signed a contract worth over 35 million USD with Ziraat Bank in Turkey to provide recycling ATMs. The contract is the ever biggest cash recycling delivery contract outside Asia.


Ziraat Bank, which means Agricultural Bank of the Republic of Turkey in English, is the largest bank in Turkey. It held tender for purchasing ATMs last year in order to expand its ATM networks. GRGbanking won the tender by high performance recycling ATMs-H68N with independent proprietary rights. Because of the outstanding performance and excellent local support during the field test and trial usage for the past few months, the contract value has been increased approximately 20% from the original tender value.


The GRG Recycling ATMs-H68N are able to make deposited banknotes available again for cash dispensing after a successful validation, therefore can reduce the costs and risks associated with cash replenishment and service.


Recycling ATMs are very popular in East Asia. GRG is now helping to push this advanced technology to East Europe market. These machines attracted lots of eyes when first deployed in Turkey. The average ATM transaction volume was very high during the flied test period, while the cash management cost was proven to be significant reduced.


“We strongly believe this success of GRG will make strong influence on the acceptance of cash recycling in Turkish financial industry.” Said Dr. Eduardas Vaigauskas , general manager of GRG Banking Equipment(HK) Co., Limited


About GRGBanking:

Established in 1999, GRGBanking now is a leading currency recognition and cash processing solution provider in China and the global market. We are No. 1 ATM supplier in China and top 10 in the global market, with more than 66,000 ATMs being sold worldwide, and serving customers in over 60 countries and regions.