GRGBanking Shows on the CIFTEE

GRGBanking presents its product portfolio on CIFTEE on Sep. 25 to Sep. 28 in Beijing China. The CIFTEE is an annual financial and technology expo in China with great influence. GRGBanking has attended 9 sessions of the CIFTEE in the past and the expo has witnessed GRGBanking’s great development. 


During the expo, GRGBanking’s theme is “Innovation drives life”, which aims to bring more conveniences to human life. Apart from GRGBanking’s classice products, its new generation full function ATM H38N which can meet international requirements has attracted great interest for both audience at home and abroad. To make more customers understand GRGBanking’s aftersale service, a special area is designed to present GRGBanking’s leading service network in China.  


It is estimated that GRGBanking’s showplace has received over 60 international visitors from 12 different countries. At the expo, GRGBanking held a users exchange and invited different speakers, for example Triton’s former president Brian and the senior business manager from China Union Pay to deliver speeches at different angles on the exchange.Their speeches have brought more useful information analysis for attendees.


CIFTEE has provided a platform for the mutual understanding between customers and  GRGBanking. Through face-to-face communication, GRGBanking can well know customers’ requirements and will continue to deliver valuable services around the world.