GRGBanking published its development theme for 2011

Recently, GRGbanking-the largest ATM manufacturer and the fastest growing AFC manufacturer, published the annual development theme for 2011: Developing mutually between capital investment and manufacturing, improving jointly with technology and brand. In this year, the company will explore various new operating models for further development, take the advantage of capital management to extend product line and upgrade the production; meanwhile, the company will also strive to further enlarge the market share of its self-developed mechanisms, to push the sales of high-end products and in the overseas market so as to prove the overall competitiveness of “Made in China” products.

In the face of complex economic climate of 2010, GRGBanking stuck to the enhancement of core technologies and tried out various innovative business models, which resulted in fruitful results: In the year of 2010, we won the biggest single order for recycling machine in European & US market by far; we entered a new level of cooperation with BOC(Bank of China) , successively got US$ 34.6 million order and US$58.57million order from the bank; the first Chinese ATM R&D Academy-GRG R&D Academy was successfully launched; GRG Banking ATM industry park – the largest high-end ATM manufacturing base in the world- came into full operation; also in this year, on the day of opening ceremony of Asian Game, Chinese premier Wen Jiabao visited GRGBanking, saying that ”this company is bound to have a bright future”.

2010 has come to an end and a hopeful new year has started. “The year of 2011 is the starting year of GRGBanking’s new 5 years’ plan, a critical phase of the application of core technologies to production, an important period of building a platform for capital investment. In this year, with the annual theme of “developing mutually between capital investment and manufacturing, and improving jointly with technology and brand”, GRGBanking will continue to exert the advantages of core technologies, push forward the industrialization of core technology, and strive to build a strong band. ”Mark Yip-General Director of GRGBanking, said.