GRG Banking successfully launched Intelligent Cash Automation Solution in Taiwan

Already successful in China, GRG Banking today announced its first Intelligent Cash Automation Solution order from Asia Pacific region to implement P2801L AutoDepot at RT Mart Taiwan.  GRG Banking is partnering with Intersys Taiwan Ltd. to deploy the solution.  The implementation, a joint development between GRG Banking and Intersys Taiwan Ltd., will include P2801 AutoDepot Machine, CashierMaster Platform tools and licenses, architecture and design, professional services, project management and cash-in-transit services.

P2801L AutoDepot is a truly cash deposit automation system that automates the notes and coins deposit transactions by counting, identification, sorting and saving.  The system streamlines the procedures of cash depositing and handling, increasing operational productivity, and thus improve service efficiency and customer satisfaction of the retailer.  The profitability enhancements provided by GRG Banking AutoDepot are significant and quantifiable.  Primary profitability enhancements include:

"w"……Automated cash reconciliation;

"w"……Totally eliminate counterfeit notes and cash counting;

"w"……Instant access to all deposited information, and management reporting are produced automatically;

"w"……Reduce cash-in-transit related cost;

"w"…… Reductions in cash handling due to significant amount of manual workload have been eliminated.

“We leverage our long-standing relationship with GRG Banking for this total solution to bring added service and value to RT Mart while enhancing the operational efficiency of their stores.  GRG Banking’s Intelligent Cash Automation Solution optimizes heavy cash collection and processing and is proven.  It can achieve a significant return on investment for RT Mart.” said Intersys Taiwan Ltd. Vice President Sales and Marketing, Vincent Hwang.

“We are very pleased with this project that truly enabling RT Mart to increase its store efficiency and thus reducing their overall costs associated with cash handling, as well as, improve their customer experience. This also sets an important milestone for the cash industry as how we can manage the cash logistics chain in a more effective and efficient way, especially when the retailers under pressure of their operational cost keep rising.” said GRG Banking Regional Director (Asia Pacific), Gary Soon.

About GRG Banking

Established in 1999, GRGBanking now is a leading currency recognition and cash processing solution provider in China and the global market. We are No. 1 ATM supplier in China and top 10 in the global market, with more than 66,000 ATMs being sold worldwide, and serving customers in over 60 countries and regions.

About Intersys Taiwan Ltd.

Intersys Taiwan Ltd. was founded in 2005 by providing ATM solutions and services to individual resellers, service organizations and FIs.  The company has grown into the self-service solution provider that fully meet and exceed Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications and optimization solution for the Banking, Transportation, and Retail Industries.

Today, Intersys Taiwan Ltd. is the largest Easy Card Sales & Add-Value/Coin & Bill Exchange kiosk supplier for Taipei Rapid Transit System, handling over 6 million cash transactions per month.

The company will continue to move forward with its scalable platform that can incorporate the newest advance intelligent cash management technology and unique user-specific features for its customers.