GRGBanking tackles the ATM software market

GRGBanking is launching its new GRG FEELTM (Financial Equipment Extended Link) software suite which provides a selection of standard software that is required in the Financial Self Service area and ranges from Terminal controlling to Security, Payment networks,  Managed Services and even value-added and business extensibility surrounding ATMs.


The GRG FEELTM  Suite is designed to provide an effective solution for commercial and retail banks to manage their expanding ATM networks, reduce its operational cost, enhance its functionality and security.

It consists of:

FEEL Switch – an ATM switching software and 3rd party international card acquiring gateway, which is able to process a complete and country-wide  ATM and payment network. Today already successfully in use for thousands machines in China and different countries worldwide. 

FEEL VIEW -a multivendor ATM fleet management and monitoring system, which is already today used to manage ATM fleets of more than 100 banks with more than ten thousand of ATMs.

FEEL SECOne- a comprehensive ATM Security software that can offer protection to ATM systems, including the terminal operation system, device controlling instructions, internal processes, confidential data, network communication and even USB access.


In order to market the GRG FEELTM  Suite,  GRGBanking has set up a totally new Business Development Unit under Administration of Mr David Zhong.

In addition to GRG FEELTM  Suite,  GRG Banking has developed many other packaged solutions, which will focus on diverse financial and non-financial areas such as the Prepaid market, the Retail market, and further be extended vertically to Postal, Petrol, Parking, etc.. According to the plan of Mr David Zhong, GRG solution portfolio will keep expanding from 2011.


About GRGBanking:


Established in 1999, GRGBanking now is a leading currency recognition and cash processing solution provider in China and the global market. We are No. 1 ATM supplier in China and top 10 in the global market, with more than 66,000 ATMs being sold worldwide, and serving customers in over 60 countries and regions.