The money will not be runned out of in Chinese ATM


The era of “There is no money in the ATM. Please go to our closest branch” is now finishing. Because of the customer complaints, Ziraat bank has ordered 1750 ATMs from China whose money is not run out of. In case of the Bank’s deposits are run out of, these Intelligent devices will satisfy the money demand from the deposited money of the customers. According to the experts, new system will make the Bank’s burden to be relaxed.


Turkish Ziraat Bank, which is the number one in active size in the banking sector, has taken another step in strengthening the technological infrastructure. Thanks to these ordered 1750 ATMs from China, returning empty-handed from the ATM has been closing. Known as the “ATM whose money is not finished”, by this third generation device the deposited money from the Bank and the customer are collected in a common pool. In case of ATM running out of the money deposited from bank, the ATM paying to customers who deposit system. Bank experts state that there are two types of ATMs in Turkish market that let to withdraw money and withdraw-deposit money. These devices coming from China will have a 3rd specification. This new system will make an important support to the Banks in logistics of money.

A senior official from Ziraat Bank gave information about the functioning of 2 thousand 800 pieces of ATM machines dispersed in country that provide to deposit and deposit-withdraw money and with the help of these new machines acquired, we will have an important step in defeating the problem of running out of cash problem in the ATMs. For example, any citizen will be able to withdraw of money of other citizen in case of Bank’s deposited money finishes. As a result of continuous entering to and leaving of money from the pool, the running out of money will be such a little probability. The official underlined the significant investment made by Ziraat bank in order to strengthen the technological infrastructure of the Bank and showed VTM machines (Video Teller Machine) as an example. VTM machines operate at the locations where there is not bank branch in the name of “branch without officers”.


About the supplier:

The “Chinese ATMs” are manufactured by GRG Banking Equipment CO., Ltd., a global leading as well as China’s largest self-service equipments and cash processing solution provider.

H68N is a new generation cash recycler developed by GRG, with its own Intellectual property. With depositing and withdrawing by the same mechanism, the cash recycling machine can reduce the bank’s total cost of ownership and improve the operation efficiency remarkably.


This news is originally published on the economics page of Zaman online in Turkish, and translated by   Mr. Yusuf Ilker Odabasi. Zaman is the most selling newspaper in Turkey with a daily circulation of 850.000 approximately.