GRG 6th Global Customer Exchange ends in success

GRG participated in China International Exhibition on Financial Banking & Equipment 2010(CIFTEE2010) from September 9th to 12th in Beijing, which is the most prominent banking technology and equipment exhibition in Asia. In this year’s event, GRG exhibited its most popular and latest technology all together, and won two awards for its excellent solutions and services.

GRG also hosted its 6th Global Customer Exchange on the second day of the exhibition, taking it as an important means to strengthen the partnership with global users. More than 60 customers and business partners from Middle East, Eastern Europe, North America, Asia and Africa attended the conference. Dr. Aravinda Korala,the CEO and founder of KAL, also joined the exchange and delivered an inspiring speech on the theme of Global software trend.


During the conference, GRG introduced its three up-to-date solutions, Multi-layer ATM Security Solution- a holistic security solution to safeguard ATM channels that can play versatile roles as system-driven solution and service-driven solution, Cassette Swapping Solution-a leading intelligent cash automation solution which is able to optimize the cash logistics chain and offers high technology solutions to retailers, CITs and banks, and the E-payment middleware solution ,which is developed to provide comprehensive payment solutions to meet requirements from financial institutions and other public sectors (like power and telecom).


The demo showcase of the cassette swapping solution and E-payment middleware solution triggered a heat discussion among the attendees and brought the event to its climax.“It’s great to see GRG’s amazing change during the past year, we are so proud of partner with GRG.”Said one of GRG’s partner from Europe.