Active ATM security solution with Face Recognition technology unveiled

While more and more people are using ATM to make bank transactions, ATM crimes are also rising rapidly. In order to secure ATM transactions, GRG banking has developed a variety of advanced technical solutions. Recently, GRG Banking unveiled an active ATM security measure using the latest Face Recognition technology.


The ATMs which are equipped with this technology can recognize the human face during a transaction. When there are  “Shoulder Surfers" who try to peek over the cardholders shoulder to obtain his PIN when the cardholder enters it, the ATMs will automatically remind the cardholder to be cautious. If the user wears a mask, sunglasses or a cap, the ATM will refuse to serve him until the covers are removed. This leaves no room for the criminals to withdraw money while they have concealed their faces features.


Another ATM security measure that unveiled by GRG banking was the Identity recognition technology. The ATMs with this technology have a special Identity Card scan area. The cardholders can make an agreement with the card issued bank to set a limit for the amount of a withdrawal or transfer transaction. Once the amount is higher than the preset limit, the Identity Card information has to be provided. So that the money in the account will be safe even if the PIN of the card has been stolen.