GRGBanking launches new solution replacing cash management with cassettes manage

GRG Banking Equipment Co., Limited recently developed new solution that would bring a revolutionary change to cash management field: “cassettes management instead of cash management”.

The platform consists of their high volume cash deposit machine P2801L, TAU(Teller Assistant Unit) BCD5600 and cash recycler ATM H68N/H68NL. The cash collected by cash deposit machine (or by recycling ATM or TAU) is placed in the intellectual cassettes that are able to store the complete information ----number of notes, denomination, the place where the loading happened (in which device), who has removed the cassette, etc.

These cassettes can be directly used in ATMs or TAU without recalculating and sorting the stored cash. There is also a monitoring system which is responsible for reconciliation of amounts among different point of usage of cash and also acts as dispute solving system.

In addition, this solution also includes a ‘cassette exchanger’, this is a special device which enables cassette handler transfer cash from one cassette to another without opening the cassette or touching the cash in the cassette. This ‘cassette exchanger’ can help the cassette handler to adjust the balance of the cassette before it reused in next equipment, it makes it possible to load the cash from one cassette to another even in armored car during traveling between different cash points.  All the data changes will also be collected and monitored by the centralized system. 

And in the near future, cassettes can be further equipped with cash maculation system, which will make the armored cars and armored guard excessive, lowering the cost of cash management even more.

This new total solution will be launched in the coming GRG Global Customer Exchange  in September, and expected to be roll out next year.