AFC Purchase Contract Continues in Beijing Metro

Guangzhou, China-Successful deployment and excellent performance of GRG AFC terminals in Beijing Metro Line 1 and Line 2 leads to another purchase contract for second phase of Beijing Metro Line 8. It is also reported that GRG coin exchange modules have been ordered for a further two lines in Beijing to be installed later this year.

GRG Banking has been continuing push for Automatic Fare Collection industry since 2006 and its automatic ticket-vending machines, add-value machines and gates have been successfully installed in over 13 subways and 5 highways in major cities of China. GRG has been among the first to see into the demand for coin exchange in mass transportation and invest into R&D and practical utilization.

"The excellent performance of GRG self-designed banknote and coin change module further enhanced customer confidence on growing market demands for facilitated ticket purchasing as well as on GRG technology.” said by Mr Zheng, the AFC manager of GRG R&D center for Beijing Metro Line 8.

The 26,000 passengers who take the lines each day are regular customers who welcome the adaption of fare collection automation. It highlights optimized user experience with ergonomic design and improves easy use and operation efficiency by utilizing international-standard graphical signs to replace languages guidance.

The well-received banknote acceptor module of GRG has also been widely used in GRG ATM products to offer currency exchange and bill payment service.