New HQ Settled in High-tech Zone, GRG Ready for Global Leap

In November 2009, GRG announced the relocation of our headquarters to 9 Kelin Road in Guangzhou Science City (GSC) in support of our expansive growth.

Guangzhou Science City is part of high-tech development zone in China with a total planning area of 37.47 square kilometers (14.47 square miles), where over 100 of the world's Top 500 companies have recently located. The Guangzhou Science City is a key project for the future development of the high-tech industry and also an important industrialization base for high-tech & information companies.

GRG has built an industrial complex of 1.2M square feet in the Science City. The first phase of the construction has been completed and it now houses our new manufacturing facility, producing products for our global markets. The new facility has an annual production
capability of 40,000 units. The second phase is due to be complete in 2010, when all facilities are complete, the new complex will be the home to R&D, manufacturing, sales,service and support.

State of the art technology was utilized in building this first-class, high-end ATM production facility. Production lines in the Industrial Park are equipped with advanced testingand quality assurance technology as well as laboratories that meet internationalstandards.

Every single ATM is tested through a series of complex and rigorous tests before delivery, including electrical safety testing, configuration check, appearance and structural testing, functional testing, ON / OFF testing, genuineness testing, humidity testing, aging testing and high temperature testing etc.

The new high-tech facility will further increase the efficiency, flexibility and the quality of our products and services, and marks an important milestone for GRG in our continuousglobal growth.