The 3rd GRG Cup FI Tennis Competition Held in Beijing

Guangzhou China-The third "GRG Cup" FI Tennis Competition was held in Beijing, China during May 8th-11th. 200 representatives from over 20 financial institutions(FI) across the country participated in this industrial sport event.

Tennis athletes from the People's Bank of China, banking regulatory organizationsand the five largest state-owned banks competed for championship.

This event has become one of the primary sports activities of financial industry, a platform gathering all the industrial players together. The FI tennis competition represents the mentality of financial industry which is endurance and courage in the storm of crisis in the special time of global economic downturn.

GRG vice GM Li Yedong delivering Speech at the closing ceremony

It has been the third time for GRG to be the official partner of the event. As GRG vice GM Li Yedong said at the closing ceremony: "We believe this event strengthened exchanges and cooperation among FIs. Binding us together, as the spirit of the game indicates, we move forward further and better."