More Conveniences for Metro Passengers to Get Changes

GRG Banking unveils its new banknote automation exchange machine in Tianjin Metro this October. The machine is in service at Nanlou Station nearby tickets vending machines to provide notes exchange service for passengers when they are short of changes for a metro trip. It is said that such machine has received a high popularity among passengers.

A passenger is using GRG Banking’s Banknote Automation Exchange Machine.

At the machine passengers can be guided by clear instructions and their exchange requirements can be satisfied on the touch screen. The machine is capable of exchanging banknotes with denominations of 5yuan, 10yuan, 20yuan and 50yuan notes into 1yuan and 5yuan notes.

People who have experienced the service have praised highly about it owing to its convenient and fast service. It is said by passengers that the machine is quite ease of use, and they can get their change within 30 seconds.

As the fastest AFC provider in China with the greatest potentiality, GRG Banking’s AFC systems have been widely used in Guangzhou Metro Line 4, Beijing Metro Line 1, Line 2 & Batong Line, Nanjing Metro South Extension Line 1 and Beijing-Tianjing Intercity Express etc. The innovation of such banknote automation exchange machine can meet people’s practical needs, which is by no means a good way to solve the exchange problem in daily metro usage.