GRG Banking Reports 156.9% increase in net income for 2007 FY

GRG Banking’s 156.9 percentage increase in net income in 2007 is affirmed in the first official annual report since GRG Banking’s IPOs on August 13th in 2007. Weathered a lot in the past year, GRG Banking has achieved great and attractive progresses and realized its continuing boost as a promising enterprise.

For the year, GRG Banking has gained full success with a 93.9 percentage increase for the annual revenue. During the same period, GRG Banking has accomplished a total asset growing rate up 169.79 percentages and its net assets per share increased 217.18 percentages. The company’s diluted earnings per share rose 129.41 percentages.



It is reported that GRG Banking has inked ATM big deals from Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Postal Saving Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of Communications etc. in 2007, which accelerates a wider deployment of GRG’s products to various banks all around China. Moreover, another 45 banks have become GRG Banking’s new customers, which advanced GRG’s market standing in domestic market from No.3 in 2006 to No.2 in 2007.

Overseas Market

Apart from owning a big market share in China, GRG Banking has made explorations in more than 40 countries initiatively based on proper marketing strategies. GRG Banking’s total oversea contracts amount experienced a 95 percentage increase over the same period of 2006.


“GRG has a great year in 2007, it was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange on Aug. 13th, 2007,” Mark Yip, GRG’s Managing Director, commented that “GRG’s outstanding performance reflects its success in driving continual cooperation improvements.”