A Branch Automation Innovation in Vietnam

GRGBanking Tellermaster System has been  successfully implemented as a pilot project by GP Bank, one of the most innovative bank based in Hanoi. GP Bank is quite satisfied with our product and services.


TellerMaster System is a Branch Automation System for the bank to maximize teller's efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. Compared with traditional branch systems, TellerMaster can become a point for self-service and fulfillment of standard transactions such as cash withdrawal and cash deposit, taking these note-counting activities away from the teller to automation. This means that they can concentrate on more customer-focused activity, providing better advice on banking products and opportunities to cross-sell. This not only is better for customers as they receive a higher level of service when they require it, but also means teller will be engaged in more meaningful, fulfilling activities.


Tellermaster is an ideal solution for banks to gain competitive edge and obtain customer loyalty. With differentiated designs following the market trend and exceptional quality, TellerMaster will help the banking branch to become more ordered and efficient. A senior official from the bank suggested that approximately 50 to 100 Tellermaster Systems would be widely deployed this year in the various branches through Vietnam.