GRG Banking Releases Full Year 2007 Preliminary Results

GRG Banking recently released its preliminary fiscal results for the full year 2007. Compared with 2006, GRG has a 93.90% gain increase in total operating income, an increase of 153.13% in net profit and a 125.88% increase in basic earnings per share in 2007.


During this reporting period, GRG’s continuing operations performed very well and its accumulated profits increased substantially. According to this release, GRG has a 169.72% increase in the total assets and an increase of 216.30% in net assets per share.


“GRG has a great year in 2007, it was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange on Aug. 13th, 2007,” said Mark Yip, GRG’s Managing Director, “GRG’s outstanding performance reflects its success in driving continual cooperation improvements.”



Note: All financial data above without accounting firm audit