GRG Banking Attracted Attentions at ATMIA 2008

February 20-22, 2008, GRG Banking presented ATMIA Conference in New Orleans. At this ATM show, GRG displayed model H22 and H22L, positioning in Financial Institute market, which were unique among many retail ATM models and naturally became Value Added Resellers’ focus. During the conference, GRG has received extensive attention, many attendees were all eager to learn more details about it.

Cooperation between GRG and GCS (Global Cash Services LLC), the business-consulting firm whose members including Triton’s former president Brian Kett and former chief technical officer Bill Jackson, became another focus on ATMIA. As a response to the media, Kett said “GRG has great strength, reliable product quality and complete relevant certifications etc, so we chose it as partner.”

“We finally have the right team in place to have an impact in the United States,” Jacky Yang, GRG’s North American Market Director said, “We expect this year to be a year of growth for GRG.”

As one of ATMIA global sponsors, GRG has gotten great achievements in recent years and become more and more influential in the whole ATM industrial.