GRG Improves Account Reconciliation Efficiency for BOC

In today modern ultra-competitive financial services environment, efficiency gains and growth take on new meaning. GRG Banking senses this and makes continue efforts to improve customer satisfaction by upgrading the quality of financial service.

Recently, based on the special and urgent demand of Bank of China Shandong Branch, GRG customized an Automatic Account Reconciliation System to help BOC Shandong Branch improve efficiency so as to avoid the mistakes of manual operation and reduce costs. “Many thanks for GRG’s timely and professional solutions, account reconciliation become more convenient and accurate!” Shandong Branch expressed its grateful appreciation to GRG later.

Now, GRG Automatic Account Reconciliation System, providing error locating and handling functions, can check all the different transaction data accurately within 1-2 seconds from the ATM journal to the host system easily, which is performing smoothly for efficient operation in more than 700 units self-service equipments of Shandong Branch and 100 more in the near future.